Maximum length

14,98 m

Beam max.

4,83 m

Draft standard

2,30 m


Dry weight excluding options, liquids, crew

12300 kg

Ballast ratio

(to dry weight)

39,69 %

Main sail - full batten, triradial, Hydranet + Antal ball bearing sliders

68,39 m2

J1 - 104% - Triradial, Hydranet

60,37 m2

J2 - Self-tacking jib, Hydranet + endless furler

32,09 m2

Asymmetrical spinnaker + endless furler

188,00 m2

Category CE

A - Ocean going vessel

All data indicated in the above specification is preliminary until written and confirmed.

VPP prediction

Polar diagrams
for true and apparent wind

Stability curve

Pegasus 50 stability curves @ 13750 kg and @ 15750 kg

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