Pegasus P50 Electric

Sail away GLOBE option package with two electric motors, a huge battery bank and a generator.


Pegasus 50 electric includes a full GLOBE options Sail away package for total freedom. It's also fully equipped, assembled, transported, commissioned and tested to sail around the world.


Electric propulsion & options:

  • Oceanvolt ServoProp 15 kW Dual Propulsion system with variable pitch.
  • Valence 38.5kWh 48VDC Battery Bank (22 x Valence U27-24XP 24V modules. 3x Lynx distributors and 12x mega fuses included)
  • Valence 1000A 48VDC BMS + Valence Diagnostic Toolkit rev2
  • Fischer Panda AGT-DC 11000-48V + FP 6-11kW Premium
  • Install Kit with Exhaust and Water Separator
  • Victron Energy MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 230V
  • Victron Energy Cerbo GX + Victron Energy GX Touch 70
  • 3 x Oceanvolt DC/DC Converter 48/24 V 15A, 1 x Oceanvolt DC/DC Converter 48/12 V 30A
  • 6 x ServoProp yearly Maintenance kit + 2 x ServoProp 5 yearly Maintenance Kit
  • Automatic fire extinguisher system for the batteries and motors