Voyage to Venice

Venice is closer than you think, and it is much more accessible by boat than any other way. From our demo center in Izola, Venice can be reached in 5–7 hours of sailing (ca. 50 NM to the WSW). We think it’s a great weekend outing and sailing is very comfortable with the wind out of the NW or NE.

The COVID crisis has changed Venice quite a bit. There are no more tourists from faraway places or mega cruise ships, and so prices and mobility in the city have adapted. Strolling around Venice is pleasant once again: the way we used to know it, before the advent of mass intercontinental tourism.

Quite a few yachters have avoided Venice up until now. But the information that there are no particular restrictions regarding sailing to Venice (no border procedures) and that there are numerous excellent and easily accessible marinas has put Venice on quite a few people’s wish lists. We think that sailing to Venice from our demo center in Izola is an excellent choice for a two-day test of the Pegasus 50.

I’m interested in a test voyage.

Excellent, accessible marinas, great public transport, and water taxis

There are quite a few marinas that can receive the Pegasus 50 right next to the city center. All Venice marinas guarantee quick and easy access to the city center via the Vaporetto system or water taxis. If you decide to stay overnight at Marina Certosa, we will arrange your check-in (the marina director is Marko’s friend and former competitor at the Olympics). As our guests you will enjoy a special welcome treat and some additional discounts of the regular price.

Cultural points of interest

The typical visitor to Venice doesn’t miss seeing St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace. And for lovebirds, they say that you haven’t been to Venice if you haven’t taken a gondola ride through the most intimate canals. Visiting the Rialto also has its charm, as does a visit to Murano.

Did you know that the oldest café in the world is supposed to be one in Venice? Caffè Florian can be found on St. Mark’s Square. That’s where you can drink the most expensive espresso in Venice, but there’s also an additional fee on the bill for the music. Location and tradition still have their price.

What kind of good food you will find in Venice

As one would expect from a global tourist destination, Venice also has excellent cuisine. Venice and nearby areas have a range of restaurants with Michelin stars and recommendations. Of course, if you prefer simpler, local dishes, there is also a wide selection for you. “Fritto misto” featuring seafood caught in the lagoon and the tiramisu in nearby Treviso are certainly worth trying. If you’re a wine lover, this is practically Prosecco’s hometown.

Another favorite local restaurant we enjoy visiting in Venice and warmly recommend to our clients is Nevodi on Giuseppe Garibaldi Street. Buon appetito!

When to avoid Venice

If you don’t like crowds, then definitely avoid visiting in winter during the Carnival season. If you don’t like flooding and extreme conditions, don’t visit when the weather brings a strong south wind and many days of rain. Those are definitely two events that could make a weekend visit to Venice less enticing.

Coming to the Pegasus Demo Center in Izola

If you come by plane

The Izola Marina is less than 2 hours’ drive from the Marco Polo airport in Venice, and it only takes 2.5 hours to drive to our demo center in Izola from the Zagreb airport. If you are traveling in a private plane, the best option is probably the airport in Portorož, which is only 15 minutes away. If you need transportation from the airport to the marina, we’ll be happy to give you a lift.

If you come by car

Considering the somewhat worse plane connections due to the COVID situation, most of our European clients choose to drive to our demo center. At present, this is the quickest and safest way to travel. The Pegasus Demo Center in Izola is closer than you think. It takes between 4 and 5 hours of driving from Vienna, Milan, or Munich. You could make it in 8 hours from Zurich, Prague, or Frankfurt. Secured parking is available at the marina.