All important boat functions for comfort and safety are designed to last.

The technical compartments are spacious, split by function and easy to reach, so maintenance and repairs can be done comfortably, without the need for crawling into or working in tight spaces.

  • All the systems were carefully thought through and focused on delivering maximum autonomy.
  • Boat systems are installed in illuminated compartments with optimal conditions.
  • They are easily accessible and separated by function; electrics from liquids.
  • We reduced the number of seacocks and optimized their positions.
  • The main engine and generator are installed in a well-ventilated and accessible engine room.
  • Great directional stability reduces the autopilot’s electrical consumption.


Download the brochure and explore beautiful interiors, owner and guest accommodation, a full range of amenities as well as indoor and outdoor living spaces. This comprehensive overview provides the best way to get a feel of the Pegasus 50 and provides a detailed and accurate specification to match your requirements.